Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd

Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin and its derivatives, and our capacity is 15,000 Mt

gum rosin and 15,000 Mt rosin derivatives annually. These products are used as basic raw materials by a broad range of


Its broad range of rosin and resin production capabilities allows us to be of service to the following industries: Adhesives, Paint, Coatings, Ink, Rubber, Food and Paper. Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd also involve in associated products hydrocarbon resin for adhesive, paint, ink and paper industry.

Supplying the high-quality products, competitive price and satisfied service for customer is what Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd does best. Professional sales team is able to understand customer's special requirement, we will provide not only the products but also the best service. Our ability and our readiness make Resin Chemical Co., truly unique in the rosin and resin industry.

Our Mission 
Our mission is to be a customer focused, innovative resin company that consistently supplies high quality products and services that exceed our customers' expectations.